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Aims & Objectives

  • To build a foundation of public trust and confidence, and to instill a willingness and enthusiasm, in all Indians, to offer the Gift of Life through organ donation.

  • To offer every Indian the opportunity and the right to receive direct education about organ donation.

  • To educate the public and especially the medical fraternity through the mass media, public relations and direct marketing on issues relating to organ donation and transplantation.

  • To provide participation opportunities to individuals and organizations through a volunteer network.

  • To form an alliance with companies and service organizations.


To offer every Indian the opportunity and right to receive direct information about organ donation, and to instill in every Indian the willingness to gift a new lease of life to fellow beings.


Born with the concept of gifting life, Shatayu's mission is to give light to the importance of organ donation & transplant and issues related to same wherein it offers direct education and supports research efforts to enhance the available supply.

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